How to earn money online writing blogs

Making money from writing is a dream for many of us. We may not reach the heady heights of the likes of J. K. Rowling or Stephen King, but wouldn’t it be great to even use your love of writing to top up your monthly earnings? So how about a way to earn money online writing blogs?

The internet gives us all kinds of opportunities to do this. Although we all absorb video, audio and images on it, the backbone of the web is still text. It’s what holds everything else in place, and is what lets search engines know the subject of the site. It stands to reason, therefore, that high-quality written content is worth paying for.

Blogs are best

For any website that wants to perform well in the rankings of Google and other search engines, it’s vital to have regular high-quality content. The best way to do this is to have a blog section and, since many business owners don’t have the time or inclination to keep it up to date themselves, opportunities exist for people to earn money online writing blogs.

As a general rule, the more regularly content is added to a blog, the better. Some companies only add a couple of pieces to their blog every month, while others will add content every day. However they go about it, the opportunity is certainly there to make money from writing blogs, provided you can write to a high standard in line with an agreed brief.

What does blog writing entail?

When writing blogs for businesses, it’s important to agree a brief and a set of topics in advance, as well as the tone, word count and any subjects to avoid. This ensures that all content written meets the expectations of the blog owner.

A common misconception of business blogs is that they should be loaded with salesy language and constantly encourage the reader to make a purchase. Consider for yourself, though, what you would rather read – a genuinely interesting, relevant article about the industry, or a piece littered with self-promotion and calls to buy a certain product or service?

It’s for this reason that blog writing is a skill, and something where it’s important to find the balance between engaging and relevant. For that reason, it can be enjoyable too.

Earn money online writing blogs with Words of Worth

At Words of Worth, we do the hard work of finding clients in need of content and agreeing the brief with them ourselves. After that, it’s your job to follow the brief and impress us with your writing.

We’re very reliable payers – you’ll see your money go into your account at the same time every month, and in American dollars, even though we’re based on the other side of the Atlantic!

With Words of Worth, we believe you can not only earn money online writing blogs, but develop as a writer while doing it. We provide coaching, letting you know of any tweaks you could make to shore up your style, and our friendly editors are always happy to answer your questions.

Take the first step to earning money through blog writing by applying to be a writer with Words of Worth.

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