Earn Money Writing Online

Do you want to earn money writing online from the US?

It’s often thought that everyone is capable of at least one great piece of literature. Whilst skill, hard work and fortune have their part to play in being a successful novelist, many of us have little chance of seeing our unofficial sequel to The Catcher in the Rye ever make print. Yet that’s not to say that you can’t earn money writing online from home in the US.

There is no denying that online media has taken off in a way that few of us would ever had imagined. Whatever you want to say in the United States, whether it’s news and articles on something you’re passionate about, a play or just a blog post, it has never been easier to get your writing out there for all to see. However, as this opportunity has increased, the possibilities for being paid fairly for your work have decreased.

Even hardcore, experienced freelancers can find that the internet can hugely frustrating when it comes to payment for your work. Some employers may ask you to submit a sample of your work, just to get some content, and never contact you again. Some may even refuse to pay you until a pre-agreed amount of advertising revenue comes in.

Thankfully, we at Words of Worth believe that a good writer deserves to be paid for their work. In fact, we make sure to pay our writer for their completed contracts on time, every month, regardless of the traffic it generates or how many ads we can place alongside it. We have clients not only in the USA, but worldwide, who come to us because they know we supply the content that they need in order to advance their business. Accordingly, we’re always looking for writers who live in America to join our ranks.

We ask that you have great writing skills, English as your native language, and have a few spare hours each week to devote to us. If you want to earn money writing online, head over to our FAQ page for more information.