A guide to writing original, high-quality content

Creating exceptional content from scratch can be complicated and sometimes overwhelming when first starting as a writer. However, there are several helpful tools beginners may use to improve the quality of their pieces. Listed below are three great resources for US writers.

Search engines

The first step in writing an excellent article or blog is having a thorough understanding of the subject being covered. Writers should always research their content to ensure they produce factual pieces that do not betray the trust of their readers and clientele. Search engines like Google will lead to thousands of educational sites offering the information needed to become knowledgeable in a client’s industry.

Writers may even use web browsers to fine-tune their content while working. For example, creators can search for a thesaurus to find the best word to use in their piece. Any unfamiliar terms or phrases people come across when writing can be defined by search engines. There are also multiple sites on the internet offering tips and examples on proper grammar to help writers avoid common mistakes.

Writing apps

A piece containing grammatical errors will be seen as unprofessional to the reader, so it is important to produce flawless content for clients. Thankfully, there are writing apps available for creators that will help beginners spot and fix their potential mistakes before submitting their work. Many editing applications will even offer writers helpful advice on elevating their content, such as suggesting alternative ways of phrasing a sentence to improve readability.

Grammarly and Hemingway Editor are two reliable tools for checking articles for specific grammatical flaws. Word processors like Google Docs can immediately address spelling mistakes and offer suggestions on fixing the error. Do keep in mind that no application is perfect. Writers should always reread their content to make sure the provided tips are appropriate for the piece and to look for any flaws the app may have overlooked.

Plagiarism checkers

Content creators should always strive to produce original content for their writing jobs. Blatantly copying the works of other writers is unethical and will make the publisher of the article seem untrustworthy to the audience. Plagiarism is often a mistake though, and it can be challenging for writers to incorporate online sources into their content without crossing the line, which is why it is crucial to use plagiarism checkers.

Fortunately, creators have access to numerous plagiarism checkers to ensure their pieces are not directly copying another writer. Those looking for free applications may benefit from apps like PlagScan, Plagiarisma and Viper. Grammarly also offers an in-app plagiarism tool that searches the web for similarly written content. There may be cases where overlapping with other authors is unavoidable, such as referencing a specific date and time for an event. Writers must use their judgment to determine if their flagged sections should be altered.

Writing can be difficult when first starting out, but there are many incredible resources on the internet to help beginners create extraordinary content. Everyone has the potential to hone their craft and become fantastic writers. All writers who are interested in producing great content are encouraged to apply to our team at Words of Worth.